The Short Story

CLS Books is a North American consulting company that specializes in literary publicity for independent presses. We team with publisher clients and their authors to create customized media outreach, national author tours and unique social media campaigns that build readership by connecting communities.

The Long Story

One drizzly afternoon in November, a conversation was had with a Seattle book publisher that sparked this idea: innovative media outreach to promote new books by bringing together communities, both literary and beyond.  It was on the following day that CLS Books was born, along with our mantra, “Communication Through Collaboration.”

Essentially, this phrase means that we believe that, while attracting the attention of die-hard book lovers is a fantastic goal for an upcoming release, the key to a truly successful publicity campaign in today’s competitive market is for a title to break out in as many circles as possible. This means shaking things up, extending beyond the literary scene: pairing independent bookstores with a pop-up Pie Stand, or video game developers with a historic gallery for one night of unconventional art and book signings. In this way, authors and their publishers can connect not only with dedicated bookavores, but with foodies, otaku, art critics, gamers, crafters and anyone in between. In this way, authors and their publishers connect with more potential readers than they ever thought possible.

Creating space for a wider audience means searching for unique intersections between these seemingly separate groups of readers and uniting them in a celebration of the beauty of what the author has written while inspiring active dialogue across communities.  When a book is featured not only in traditional review columns, but in dining pages, travel editorials, or political coverage, we know we’ve done our jobs. The front page doesn’t hurt either.

          CLS Books is directed by Chelsey Slattum, a Seattle-based publicity consultant who enjoys running in the rain, drinking a good beer and playing with her dog, Grr. While her hair color may change, her boisterous personality and life-long affection for the written word remain the same.

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